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Your body is made of what you eat. And let’s face it – most of us don’t eat very well. As we get older it becomes harder and harder for our bodies to maintain the stores of essential vitamins and nutrients. There is a false belief that nutritional deficiencies are rare in Western society but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our diet has made a major jump in its composition in the last century but our bodies have not had a chance to adopt to it from evolutionary standpoint. As a result, many modern ailments, including fatigue and depression originate from micronutrient deficiencies that are not detected on routine medical lab work. Most common dietary supplements are poorly absorbed and do not fix the problem. However, proper investigation, sound dietary adjustments and targeted nutritional supplementation, can make an amazing change in one’s health and energy level.

Some of the important topics in this category include:

1) Magnesium deficiency (extremely prevalent and under diagnosed)

2) Post-prandial hypoglycemia (a result of modern carbohydrate heavy diet)

3) Gluten sensitivity

4) Iron deficiency

5) Omega acids imbalance

6) Low fat diets

7) Other micronutrients and micronutrient analysis

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