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On February 12, 2010, in MEDICAL FACTS, by Dr. Tuchinsky

I find the controversy about adrenal fatigue very intriguing. This recently diagnosis makes a lot of physiological sense and is widely popular among alternative medicine practitioners, and yet has not gained acceptance in the world of traditional medicine. I think that this is due to the fact that medical people are scientists who like to have proof in numbers, and so far nobody succeeded in finding scientific proof. However, just because something has not been proven, it does not mean that it is true. affect diagnosis because adrenal fatigue can be simply translated as “Stress is bad for you”. Everybody knows that but unfortunately nobody takes it seriously. While we may be more willing to change their other lifestyle habits, such as smoking, or eating unhealthy foods, they seem to have very little control over the level of stress in our lives.

Adrenals are two tiny glands called adrenals that sit above our kidneys and produce many hormones vital to our survival. They are responsible for production of cortisol and adrenaline, – the two hormones that are produced in large amounts during stress, or the famous “fight or flight” response programmed in us by nature. Now, remember that it takes at least tens of thousands of years for natural selection to takes place, and for our body make up to change. Our brains, have the inherent plasticity that made it possible for human race to adopt living in a completely difficult society than our Cromagnon ancestors have lived in. While our brains find a way to deal with the constant flow of information, the stress of living in society and the enormous demands and pressures of modern life, our adrenal glands are still the same organs that were designed for simple life during Ice Age. Ten thousand years ago, the stress of living was mainly limited to occasionally running away from the predators. The prehistoric humans most likely were not as neurotic as we are because they did not know as much, and they did not have the pressure of meeting deadlines at work, getting their children into the best preschool, being stuck in traffic jam or owing too much money on their tax return. Unfortunately most of us, with the exclusion of some Buddhist monks,do live in a constant state of stress, so much that we in fact have stopped noticing it. And glands are known to burn out. For example, the burn out of the pancreatic gland is a known fact in Type II diabetes, and occurs when diabetes prone people eat too much sugars and carbohydrates, the adrenal gland can also get affected by constantly working too much. So, eventually after years of chronic stress it begins to under-produce the hormones at the times when you are not stressed to preserve itself. Therefore, you find yourself mainly living in two possible states: either stressed out or fatigued. Of course, some people are lucky to have stronger adrenals, better equipped to deal with higher stress levels, and some people just have higher stress threshold- but if you have been under a lot of chronic stress and now have constant fatigue, then adrenal fatigue is certainly a consideration.




  1. Howard P says:

    Absolutely! The adrenal glands are part of our body, just like the kidneys, lungs, liver, and every other organ. Why is it so hard to believe that the adrenal glands can suffer just like any other part of us? Doctors “believe” in Addisons and Cushings, but nothing in between? RIGHT. Fortunately more doctors are coming around to at least the possibility of it. Are you familiar with Dr. James Wilson? He’s definitely one of the pioneers of the field and I highly recommend reading his book. Check him out:

  2. […] which are hypothesized to induce production of cortisol by adrenal glands over period of time (see the post on Adrenal Fatigue).  It has also been shown to improve immune system function.  A recent study performed in Mayo […]

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